Sighnaghi Fortress

Sighnaghi Fortress

Location - Kakheti, Sighnaghi.
Date of construction - 1762

The Sighanghi fortress is laid across about 40 hectares; it is mainly built with cobblestones, but there are also some bricks used. The Fence goes along the mountain relief, then plunges into the gorge from both sides and merges there inside. The fortress was able to harbor whole population of Kiziki in case of enemy invasion. There are 23 towers built-in in the fence, which are named after adjoining villages (such as Bodbe, Velistsikhe, Mirzaani etc.). Majority of towers are two-storey, a handful of them - three-storey, equipped with embrasures, fireplaces, holes and fighting roofing. The fence is arranged in two tiers. The first tier is solid and deaf; the second one incorporates a fighting path, having embrasures inside its walls. The Fence has five gates, through which the mine door was directly connected to the fortress.





Address: st. Signagi
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